I have a conversion of Petr Baudis' Michi in the Go language.

The code is on Github at https://github.com/traveller42/michi-go

I'm still cleaning a few things up, but I've fixed the worst of the errors
I created during translation. This first pass is as close to a literal
translation of the Python as I know how to do.  Some of the limitations
have been in my understanding of either Python or Golang. (One goal of this
endeavor was to learn more about both languages.)  Once the cleanup is
complete, I will declare version 1 complete.  I will maintain a version 1
branch to allow me to accept any fixes to errors that are found in this
code, or better matches to the Python idioms.

Version 2 is the target for a more idiomatic Golang implementation of this
base code.  This is where I will pursue improvements in efficiency.

Any comments are welcome.

Clark B. Wierda
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