Hi all,

I am the first author of Facebook Go AI. Thanks for your interest! This is
the first time I post a message here, so please forgive me if I mess up
with anything.

1. The estimation of 1d-2d is based on the win rate of free game in the
last 3 months (since darkforest launched in Aug). See Table 6 in the paper.
For ranked game, its rank is definitely lower since people tend to play
more seriously. It seems that now darkforest is 1k and darkfores1 is 1d.

2. Here is the Pachi 10k command line for no pondering.
pachi -t =10000 threads=8,pondering=0

For pondering, it is simply
pachi -t =10000 threads=8

In both cases, all the spatial patterns are properly loaded. See the
following GTP response:
W>> protocol_version
Random seed: 1448000132
Loaded spatial dictionary of 1064482 patterns.
Loaded 3021829 pattern-probability pairs.

3. We use pachi version 11.99 as shown in the following GTP response:
W>> version
W<< = 11.99 (Genjo-devel): If you believe you have won but I am still
playing, please help me understand by capturing all dead stones. Anyone can
send me 'winrate' in private chat to get my assessment of the position.
Have a nice game!

4. Darkfores2 is still DCNN model and no search is involved.

Thanks! If you have any comments, please let me know.

Yuandong Tian
Research Scientist,
Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR)
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