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> Hi Erik,
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>> Hi Aja,
>> This result seems consistent with earlier claimed human solutions for 7x7
>> dating back to 1989. So what exactly is new? Did he write a program that
>> actually calculates the value?
> Did you mean 7x7 Go was weakly solved before?

It depends on what you mean by 'weakly solved'. If we take the definition
from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solved_game:

*'Provide an algorithm that secures a win for one player, or a draw for
either, against any possible moves by the opponent, from the beginning of
the game.'*

then no, I did not mean that, and that's why I asked you if he actually
wrote a program that does this for 7x7.

Strong humans players including some pro's claimed to have solved 7x7
already back in 1989 (see my phd thesis for a reference), but AFAIK they
did not implement an algorithm, so just like most of the other small board
results by humans these were never really proofs in a strict sense.

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