Hi there lovely computer-go mailing list,

I gave a presentation titled "Beating Go Thanks to the Power of
Randomness" at Rubyconf 2015. It is a full introductory talk which means:

* the rules of Go are introduced (leaving out Ko and seki though.. time)
* the discussion of MCTS is on a very high level, RAVE/AMAF is mentioned
and heuristics are only briefly discussed
* A lot of it focusses around the complexity of Go, why can't we beat it
yet and some Chess vs. Go is included

So it's not useful for anyone that has been on here for some time. If
you want to share some introductory material with friends or so or for
total newcomers it might be useful.

Slides + video:

Also this was before we got further information about the Facebook Go
AI, so that information is less than complete and I didn't yet know how
strong it was (wow 3d KGS! :) )

Otherwise the information is up to date and correct to the best of my
knowledge, sorry for any mispronunciations.

If a more experienced Go programmer had the time to watch it and give
feedback on the talk of any kind, I'd be very happy about that!



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