Ingo Althofer: 
>Hi Rémi,
>thanks for the very interesting link.
>It seems that a race for a new breakthrough is open.
>Let's see if Abakus or Aya or CrazyStone or
>FaceGo or GoogleGo or Zen or some other bot
>will become the winner.

Exciting.  A new program ponanGo will attend the comming UEC Cup.  Its 
author has developed the strongest computer Shogi program, Ponanza in 
Japan (, though no 
FaceGo nor GoogleGo is in the list :p.  A good news: the prize 
money has increased (

        Be care!  The deadline (10th Dec) is coming very soon!

>Great times.

Really a big fun.

>Will we see bots on par with top humans before 2020?

I'd like to bet no, just possible for 13x13.

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