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> > The source of AlphaGo Zero is really of zero interest (pun intended).
> The source code is the first-hand account of how it works, whereas an
> academic paper is a second-hand account. So, definitely not zero use.
> > So yes, the database of 29M self-play games would be immensely more
> > valuable. (Probably like the last 5M or so is fine, too). I prefer the
> > games over the network - with the games it's easier to train a smaller
> > network that gives better results on PC's that don't have 4 TPUs in them.
> Does anyone know of research/code on the topic of reducing the
> size/complexity of deep learning networks? I think it should be possible
> to reduce either the number of layers, or the size of each layer, with
> only a small drop in accuracy, but it seems like the two fully-connected
> networks at the top will then need retraining?
> However, this article is showing results, beyond what I thought would be
> possible, even on the very deep image networks:
> deep-neural-networks
> BTW, I notice his PhD thesis has just been published. Might have to add
> it to my reading list:
> Darren
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