Round 5 of the codecentric Freestyle League is about to start.
Each team consists of two accounts where computer and
human intelligence together play Go.

The pairings are

Saargenhaft (Saarbruecken) - AI Sensei (Hamburg)
DeepGreen (Darmstadt) - Oldenburger Ozas (Oldenburg)
Oktgopus (Paderborn) - Chris the brain & friends (Freiburg)
free in this round: Karlsruher Allerlei (Karlsruhe)

Darmstadt and Oldenburg will battle it out already this night,
starting at 20:30 h CET.

The other two pairings will start on Wednesday, March 06, at 20:30 h.
All games to be played in "Deutsche Ecke" on KGS.
Spectators are welcome. Discussions will be
in German and English, perhaps also in other languages.

The table before round 5 looks like this:

1. Paderborn 6-0
2. Karlsruhe 6-2
3. Darmstadt 4-2
4. Hamburg   4-4
5. Saarbruecken 2-4
6. Freiburg 1-5
7. Oldenburg 1-7 

Naive people might think that Paderborn is complete
favorite against Freiburg. But the situation (behind
the curtains) is rather complex.

Ingo Althoefer.

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