Dear all,

Apologies for cross posting. I just wanted to draw your attention to the
``Competition and Benchmark'' track at this year's IEEE Conference on Games

This track invites submissions where the main topic is a game or
game-related benchmark or competition. Submission can be new competition
proposals, novel approaches to existing competitions, or critical
commentary on competitions.

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

   - Evaluation of AI agents.
   - Machine learning related to games (e.g. for predicting player or AI
   - Learning forward models.
   - Assessment of procedural content generators.
   - Analysis tools for existing competitions.
   - Game Competitions to more general AI.

If you are working on, organizing, or planning a competition and you want
to write a scientific paper about it, this could be a good venue for it.

*The deadline for short, vision, demo and COMPETITION papers is the 14th of
May, 2019. *

Have a look, and best regards, and possibly see you in London.

Christoph Salge & Jialin Liu
Competition and Benchmark Track Chairs
The 2019 IEEE Conference on Games
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