round 6 of the codecentric Freestyle League has been played.
Unfortunately, two of the teams forfeited their matches:

Karlsruhe - Oldenburg 2-0  (without fight)
Saarbruecken - Freiburg 2-0 (without fight)

However, the top pairing took place, and by some sort
of surprise, the Paderborn team won rather clearly against

Darmstadt - Paderborn 0-2


This means that the standings before the final round are:

1. Oktgopus Paderborn 10-0
2. Karlsruher Allerlei 8-2

3. DeepGreen Darmstadt 6-4
4. AI sensei Hamburg 6-4
5. Saargenhaft Saarbruecken 4-6

6. Chris the brain and friends (Freiburg) 1-9
7. Oldenburger Ozas 1-11

The final round will be playd on Wednesday, April 24, with the
pairing Karlsruhe - Paderborn deciding about the master.

Cheers, Ingo.
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