LZ_05db_ELFv2_p800 has been fixed at 3670(from 3102) to match BayesElo.
This is an adjustment with a difference of 568 Elo between BayesElo and 
standing page Elo on 19x19.


Some bots are also fixed at BayesElo temporarily.
If I found old bots which have BayesElo, I will fix them at BayesElo 

On the standing page, GNU Go is fixed at 1800.
Now that there are over 4000 Elo bots, many higher scores are being compressed.
For example, if ELFv2 is 3600 and this is only one bot at the top, and if you 
put 4000 KataGo there,
ELFv2 drops to around 3550 and KataGo stabilizes at 3950.
I think we're repeating this process.

LZ_05db_ELFv2_p800 uses LeelaZero 0.15.

name   LZ_05db_ELFv2_p800
invoke ../leelaz -p800 --noponder -r1 -g -t2 -q -d -w 

Gnugo-3.7.10-a1 uses ver 3.7.10 and 32 bit binary. 64 bit GNU Go has some 

name   Gnugo-3.7.10-a1
invoke ./gnugo3710_32bit --mode gtp --capture-all-dead --chinese-rules 
--min-level 10 --max-level 10 --positional-superko

Hiroshi Yamashita
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