iTunes plays several formats, including mp3. No conversion is needed.

On Jul 23, 2008, at 2:01 PM, gerald wrote:

i loaded itunes and do like it. it took all my mp3 files and converted them to itune format.

i got my new acer econobox, and loaded everything i could. the folder with the mp3 files transfered, as did the file with the itune format files. itunes.exe did not transfer in an executable form, so i reloaded it. after it loaded, it went searching for files to convert. it found all the mp3 files and converted them. it did not overwrite the old itunes files, so i now have some 800 tunes, and some 800 dupes. is there an easy way to clean the dupes? i can see them, but do not want to go in and delete each one individually.

i could wipe out the itunes music library, and then convert the mp3's again, i guess. i had added a few tunes to itunes, and would prefer not to go that way.

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