What follows is a snippet from the latest "Tidbits," a venerable Macintosh/Apple newsletter:

"The top news for this week is Apple's failure - despite plenty of
notification - to fix a critical flaw in DNS that's already in the
wild. Rich Mogull and Glenn Fleishman explain the problem and the
possible workarounds for those running DNS servers; the full fix
will require an update from Apple. Apple also comes in for criticism
from Glenn on their handling of the MobileMe transition and on their
response - a tepidly worded status page. Adam piles on with an
examination of a bug that causes iTunes 7.7 to corrupt accented
track and artist names, and some workarounds to prevent an updated
iPod touch from beeping constantly. On a more positive note, we
cover Apple's stellar financial results."

To which I say, is there a connection between Apple's current "stellar financial results" and their recent spate of lousy customer service and relations?


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