Vista "security" is rumored to not allow any writes at all to the "Program 
Files" folder.  One solution might be to reinstall Eudora to some other folder, 
even d:\EUDORA\, for which you have write privileges.  I think Vista would 
consider Eudora to be a "rogue" program.

My Eudora V6 puts embedded pictures (.jpg files, generally) in an "\Embedded\" 
folder, not in the "\Attach\" folder.  It's in the Eudora folder as well.  I 
just run Eudora from a portable hard drive and it doesn't require any registry 
entries to run, at least in Win2K.

Fred Holmes

At 03:25 PM 7/30/2008, gerald wrote:
>i am running my new econoAcer with Vista.  
>How long does it take before the typical 70yo stops hating Vista?
>The pictures imbedded in Eudora (terminal version) messages do not appear.  is 
>there a toggle somewhere for this?
>i do not seem to have an "attachments" folder in vista.  xp had 
>programs>qualcom>eudora>attachments.  is there one?  i searched the c drive 
>and cannot find a folder with that name. 

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