Something that is completely locked down is of course "secure" but of 
reduced/little usability.  I have my Eudora, with all data and setting files in 
the Eudora directory, on a portable hard drive that I can plug into any machine 
(in principle) and run my full mail client with all of its features, address 
books, filters, and archives, etc. from any machine that isn't locked down.  
Thus, in my circumstance, having a desktop machine at every location that I'm 
likely to want to use e-mail, I can haul around a simple USB hard drive and no 
more. It works just fine on my Win2K and WinXP machines. I think I'm going to 
find myself out of luck on a Vista machine.

Sort of like having a gun in one's home for self defense, but the gun has to be 
disassembled, with a trigger guard lock locked in place, and in a locked 
cabinet, with no ammunition stored within reach (or whatever the new DC rules 

Fred Holmes

At 05:44 PM 7/30/2008, Chris Dunford wrote:
>> Vista "security" is rumored to not allow any writes at all to the
>> "Program Files" folder
>Just curious, why the quotes?

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