Is what you are saying that Eudora 8 isn't Eudora at all; it's Thunderbird with 
a Eudora "hood ornament"?

At 10:56 AM 8/3/2008, Sue Cubic wrote:
>At 10:19 AM 08/03/2008 -0400, gerald wrote
>>i tried to open eudora 7 help in vista, and it would not open.  went to the 
>>eudora website, and see V8beta is available.  is this a good choice to put in 
>>vista? or is it too early.
>>when i loaded it, i was surprised that v8 did not overwrite 7, and it did not 
>>pick up filters, addresses, options from 7.
>The Eudora tech lists are saying that Eudora 8 is a whole new program.  It is 
>based on Thunderbird, with a "Eudora skin".  The files are not arranged the 
>same way and the functionality is quite different.  That's probably why it 
>won't overwrite.  I don't know if you can even access the data files from 
>Eudora 7 (and previous versions).  Perhaps there's an 'import' feature in V8 
>that works to do this?  I've not paid a lot of attention to the discussions, 
>as I'm perfectly happy with the latest 'real' Eudora V7.1.0.9

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