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> Is what you are saying that Eudora 8 isn't Eudora at all; it's Thunderbird
> with a Eudora "hood ornament"?

>From the README.TXT that comes with Eudora 8 beta:

Whereas "Eudora" is a branded version of Thunderbird with some extra
features added by the Eudora developers, "Penelope" is an extension (also
called an "add-on") that is used in Eudora and can also be used with
Thunderbird.  The Eudora installer includes the corresponding version of
Penelope along with it so there is no need to install Penelope if you are
installing Eudora.  Most features in Penelope can be accessed when used with
Thunderbird, but there are a few that require Eudora in order to work
correctly and it's not something that gets tested.

Sometimes in documentation there is a need to differentiate the older
versions of Eudora made by Qualcomm from current Thunderbird-based versions
of Eudora.  This will normally be done by labeling the older versions of
Eudora as "original Eudora" or "Classic Eudora".

The main web page for Eudora/Penelope can be found at

John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own

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