Subject: Making my website compatible with Internet Explorer 8
(subjects are not appearing in the digests that I receive)

When I launch Internet Explorer on my Windows XP computer, opening my 
website,, locks up the computer. Task Manager CPU 
goes to 100%. I had already followed Microsoft's page, "Display Web sites in 
Compatibility View" (, 
and another website that had hung up my computer (CPU Usage, 100%) no longer 
did so. I can readily view my website in Mozilla Firefox ver 3.6.3.

When viewed in Internet Explorer 8 set to compatibility view, why does my 
website hang up the computer. And, what to I need to do to the website so 
that it can be readily viewed in Internet Explorer 8 without or with 
compatibility view?



Michael S. Altus, PhD, ELS

Intensive Care Communications, Inc.®
Biomedical Writing and Editing

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