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   1. [Question] Gateway route in multi-home environment
      (Andrea Capirchio)


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 09:49:12 +0200
From: Andrea Capirchio <>
Subject: [Question] Gateway route in multi-home environment
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I am developing an embedded system running connman 1.36 over linux.
My system is multi-home, so I have one network interface connected to
two subnets that cannot see each other.
Assuming that I have a gateway present on "subnet 2" (relative to "address
2"), and that the
primary address of the interface is  "address 1", that was assigned
manually at boot time, I have the following routing table (from $ ip r):

1. <gateway addr> dev <interface>
                    // added by connman
2. <dns addr> via <gateway addr> dev <interface>
          // added by connman
3. <local subnet2>/<netmask2> dev <interface> src <local address2>     //
added by connman
4. <local subnet1>/<netmask1> dev <interface> src <local address1>     //
added manually
5. default via <gateway addr> dev <interface>
              // added by connman

I think that the first rule is wrong.


With this configuration, PING from the device to the gateway is not
This because linux chooses rule number 1 to route the packets to the
gateway, but this does not specify the source IP of the interface, so
the primary IP is chosen as source address.
The primary is the IP relative to "subnet 1" while the gateway can only
communicate with IPs from "subnet 2", so the gateway cannot answer to my

I am considering to patch this, but should the rule be erased?
Or if it is useful to some purpose, should I add the src IP to rule
number 1?


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