I've been looking into extending connmanctl's functionality with configuration 
for the net.connman.Clock API. I've been developing a command that can set 
clock properties, similar to the existing "config" command.

I've noticed that when multiple parameters are set, then the 'return' function 
is often not called. E.g.:

    connmanctl config ethernet_4a4a5a6a3a0a_cable --ipv6 off --autoconnect yes 
--timeservers 0.pool.ntp.org

In this case, it sends 3 D-Bus commands, and config_return() should be called 
for each response. But it is likely to shutdown before calling config_return() 
all three times.

I see that dbus_method_reply() calls __connmanctl_quit(). That seems to be 
implicated in this. It seems the logic is to initiate shutdown after the 
response is received for the first D-Bus message sent.

Craig McQueen

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