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+.\" connman-vpn(8) manual page
+.\" Copyright (C) 2015 Intel Corporation
+.TH CONNMAN-VPN "8" "2015-10-15"
+ConnMan-VPN \- VPN management daemon
+.B connman-vpnd
+.RB [\| \-\-version \||\| \-\-help \|]
+.B connman-vpnd
+.RB [\| \-c
+.IR file \|]
+.RB [\| \-d\  [\c
+.IR file [,...]\|]\|]
+.RB [\| \-p
+.IR plugin [,...]\|]
+.RB [\| \-P
+.IR plugin [,...]\|]
+.RB [\| \-n \|]
+.RB [\| \-r \|]
+The \fIConnMan-VPN\fP provides a daemon for managing vpn connections together
+with \fBconnmand\fP(8). The Connection Manager is designed to be slim and to
+use as few resources as possible. The VPN daemon supports \fBopenconnect\fP(8),
+\fBopenvpn\fP(8), \fBvpnc\fP(8) and L2TP/PPTP (\fBxl2tpd.conf\fP(5),
+\fBpptp\fP(8), \fBpppd\fP(8)).
+The following options are supported:
+.BR \-v ", " \-\-version
+Print the ConnMan-VPN software version and exit.
+.BR \-h ", " \-\-help
+Print ConnMan-VPN's available options and exit.
+.BI \-c\  file\fR,\ \fB\-\-config= \fIfile
+Specify configuration file to set up various settings for ConnMan.  If not
+specified, the default value of \fI<SYSCONFDIR>/connman/connman-vpn.conf\fP
+is used; where \fI<SYSCONFDIR>\fP is dependent on your distribution (usually
+it's \fI/etc\fP).  See \fBconnman-vpn.conf\fP(5) for more information on
+configuration file. The use of config file is optional and sane default values
+are used if config file is missing.
+.BR \-d\  [ \fIfile [,...]],\  \-\-debug [= \fIfile [,...]]
+Sets how much information ConnMan-VPN sends to the log destination (usually
+syslog's "daemon" facility).  If the file options are omitted, then debugging
+information from all the source files are printed. If file options are
+present, then only debug prints from that source file are printed. Example:
+           connman-vpnd --debug=vpn/vpn-provider.c,vpn/vpn-config.c
+.BR \-n ", " \-\-nodaemon
+Do not daemonize. This is useful for debugging, and directs log output to
+the controlling terminal in addition to syslog.
+.BR \-r ", " \-\-routes
+Manage VPN routes instead of telling \fBconnmand\fP(8) to do it.
+.BR connmanctl (1), \ connmand (8)
diff --git a/doc/connman.8 b/doc/connman.8
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@@ -94,4 +94,4 @@ If this option is used, then ConnMan is not able to cache the 
DNS queries
 because the DNS traffic is not going through ConnMan and that can cause
 some extra network traffic.
-.BR connmanctl (1), \ connman.conf (5)
+.BR connmanctl (1), \ connman.conf (5), \ connman-vpn (8)
diff --git a/doc/connmanctl.1 b/doc/connmanctl.1
index cd5fe36..03abf7c 100644
--- a/doc/connmanctl.1
+++ b/doc/connmanctl.1
@@ -278,4 +278,4 @@ Tethering a wireless connection (ssid "SSID", passphrase 
-.BR connman.conf (5), \ connman (8)
+.BR connman.conf (5), \ connman (8), \ connman-vpn (8)

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