Join us next week for a Connecting to Collections Care webinar, *Caring for
Archives: Fundamentals for Everyone*, with Fletcher Durant. Thursday,
October 20, 2016, 2:00 - 3:30 EDT. It's free!

Does your institution have an archive? Is it maintained for research,
exhibitions, or just the records and papers that mark the history of your
institution? How do you care for your archives? Or, don’t you? Whether your
archives are carefully curated or simply grew over the years, what is the
best approach to preserving those important materials and how does their
preservation differ from other collections that you have under your care?

This webinar will cover the basics of archives preservation within a
framework of risk management. Some issues discussed will be familiar to
other areas of collection care, while others will speak to the
particularities of archival collections. Topics will include: storage
environments, housings, care and handling, collection surveys, security,
integrated pest management, disaster planning, and digital preservation.
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