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3D Hyperspectral Imaging of Heritage

Art and heritage surfaces often have a 3D structure that requires either 
objects or cameras to be moved in order to keep the surface in focus. Movement 
of objects during imaging is often difficult for conservation or practical 
reasons, particularly of large objects. For 3D objects, the camera would 
ideally freely move in the space. Maximum freedom of movement could be enabled 
using an articulated robotic arm, which would need to carry not only the camera 
but the illumination system as well. Depth information could also be derived 
from two cameras pointing at the surface at an angle, i.e. stereo-imaging. We 
are looking for an excellent applicant with a science or engineering degree to 
join us and explore and develop the most advanced hyperspectral system 
available globally and, pushing the boundaries of imaging beyond anything 
currently possible. The studentship project will look at mosaicking of 
hyperspectral information, spatial information as extracted from hyperspectral 
stereo-imaging and imaging using a robotically enabled hyperspectral imaging 

Academic supervisors – Professor Adam Gibson, Professor Matija Strlic 
(University College London)

Heritage supervisor – Robert van Langh (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

Industrial supervisor – Dr John Gilchrist (Camlin Group Ltd)

Application Deadline noon, Friday 1th September 2017

See the full project description here: 
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