To whom this may concern,

I am Catriona Whiteside, a current MA Conservation of Fine Art student at 
Northumbria University. In preparation for my dissertation research into the 
conservation and preservation of Japanese scrolls in the United Kingdom, I am 
posting this survey for the attention of anyone who oversees the storage and 
conservation of scrolls within a collection in the United Kingdom:
The password for the survey is: scroll

Ideally, I would prefer a response to the survey by mid-March if possible. The 
survey should not take more than a few minutes to fill out as it consists of 
mostly checkboxes. The information gathered will be retained for 6 months on a 
secure University server and email before being destroyed. If desired, 
information concerning the name of the conservator and institution will be 
omitted from the study, as it is primarily used to keep track of the responses 
and geographical locations of the institutions. Should anyone have any 
questions regarding the survey or my research, please do not hesitate to send 
me an email.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,
Catriona Whiteside
MA Conservation of Fine Art student
Northumbria University

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