As posted in a recent instance of the ConsDistList, my lab is conducting an
international survey of collections of artist reference materials
<> . To date, we
have had a very encouraging response, but mostly from American collections.
We are very much interested in international perspectives and would be
grateful for help broadening this base. Please forward this appeal to
colleagues that might be interested in contributing to this project (and, of
course, American colleagues still are highly encouraged to participate).
Though we had originally intended to close the survey soon, we will keep it
open for a couple more weeks in hopes of increasing the diversity of


As a reminder, the goals of this work are to: 1) To evaluate the potential
value of increased access to artist reference materials, 2) to identify
potential institutional partners able to share catalog information on the
reference samples they possess and 3) to identify a viable model for online
dissemination of associated catalog information.  


The survey is here
<>  (

The project abstract is here
vey.pdf>  (


Thank you,


Paul Messier

Pritzker Director, Lens Media Lab

Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage


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