I have been asked to assist a local museum which has recently had a fire ,
and resulting asbestos contamination of their collection.  Fortunately, only
one room was badly burnt, and none of the collection is wet.  However, our
regulations in Australia require asbestos decontamination to be carried out
by licenced practitioners only, so no conservators or museum staff will be
permitted to be present in the room during this process.  I am hopeful that
a conservator will be permitted to provide some basic handling and surface
cleaning training to the asbestos workers prior to commencement of the


I have read the excellent article by Deucher, Moore and Hemlin from the JAIC
in 2000 which provides some great guidance on decontamination methods.  Does
anyone else have any similar experiences that they could share with me,
particularly in a situation where conservators were not permitted any



Vanessa Wiggin



0402 137 826



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