British Library Centre for Conservation (BLCC) Summer Workshops: Twined 
end-bands in the bookbinding traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean

Twined end-bands often also called woven end-bands represent a distinct 
category of rather elaborate compound end-bands commonly found in one variation 
or the other in virtually all the bookbinding traditions of the Eastern 

Within the ‘British Library Centre for Conservation (BLCC) Summer workshops’ we 
are pleased to present this unique immersive, hands-on workshop at Foyle Venue 
in the British Library Centre for Conservation (BLCC) London. Twelve 
participants will have the opportunity to work with tutor Giorgios Boudalis 
(Head of the Book and Paper Conservation Studio at the Museum of Byzantine 
Culture in Thessaloniki/Greece) during the five day workshop, scheduled for 
July 23 - 27, 2018. The workshop will give the opportunity to conservators and 
bookbinders, with already a sound understanding and hands on experience in 
making/sewing book end-bands to learn and make at least six different twined 
end-bands –a Coptic, an Islamic, a Syriac, a Byzantine, an Armenian, and a 
tablet woven end-band style that participants will be able to take away with 
them at the end of the course.

An introductory lecture will also explain their evolution in time and place, 
their classification and terminology, their structural and decorative features 
as well as their relation to fabric-making techniques. Working materials, a 
hand out with explanatory drawings and some reading material will be also 

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