Icon Scotland Group has organised a 3-Day Practical Gilding Course for
September 3rd -5th in Glasgow. This course will familiarise participants
with the materials, methods and techniques of both water and oil gilding. It
will provide opportunities to learn skills relating to gilding using
traditional materials and techniques.   This is a practical course and
particularly suited to newly-qualified conservators but it is also suitable
for anyone with an interest in gilding. To quote the Tutor, Tim Ritson,
"Gilding skills are very transferable and even as an experienced gilder I'm
always interested in picking up new techniques." All tools and materials are
included in the cost. Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.  The course
will run from 10:00 - 16:00 each day. The course is taught by Tim Ritson,
Head of Frames Conservation at the Royal Museums Greenwich and experienced
trainer. Tim is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge to
promote the continuance of traditional craft skill. To book please go to
Icon Scotland groups pages at Eventbrite





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Conservator & Historic Environment Consultant


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