Rhoplex n580 is an aqueous acrylic emulsion, which dries to a permanently soft 
and tacky film and can be made into small 'dots' for use a contact adhesive. 
These have been used in many display situations to help lightly secure 
materials, including paper, textiles, ceramics, glass, plastics, metal and 
wood. It is used in New Zealand to secure objects against movement in 
earthquakes. It has also been used in galleries and museums in Australia to 
lightly secure items which are on open display or are in showcases where some 
movement may be possible. It is usually easy to remove as it can be rolled off 
most surfaces cleanly, mostly does not appear to stain or discolour surfaces 
and can be made in custom sizes and shapes.

Unfortunately, Rhoplex n580 is no longer being produced by the manufacturer 
(Rhom and Haas) and there are no longer stocks readily available in Australia 
and New Zealand. I am seeking a replacement material and was wondering if 
anyone has found anything with similar properties. We use museum wax and museum 
gel where possible, but both of these stain surfaces where Rhoplex dots does 
not. Clean-up is also difficult. Archival doubled-sided tape is sometimes too 
thin to adhere the bottom on uneven objects to flat surfaces. There are some 
commercial contact adhesives, but it is not possible in most circumstances to 
collect information about ingredients and aging from the manufacture.

Any suggestions for alternative materials would be great appreciated.

Kasi Albert
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Sydney, Australia

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