I think is_empty is there. Will be adding the rest you mentioned and
whatever else I can think of being useful.

Will also fix the signature and do the docs near the end, once the
functionality is starting to solidify.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 08:07:02PM -0600, Simon Cruanes wrote:
- in the implementation of add, don't use !=, use L.compare (resp.
 R.compare). != will be almost always wrong.

Oops. I mean to use <>, but you are right (L|R).compare is better
anyway. This is what happens on a late night after only a few days of C.

One question I have is why are map values first in the order of
parameters? For example:


Shall I revert the order for this module, or has the "new convention"
have to be upheld?

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