There are here http://people.apache.org/~olamy/continuum/flash/ .

I used http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ to build this.
Sorry I can't use Snapz Pro X on my laptop :-) .


2008/2/3, Wendy Smoak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I did some work on the Release Management docs today.  I'm doing this
> in a timeboxed fashion, and when the time is up, it gets committed.
> Otherwise it will sit here on my hard drive and never get finished. :)
> Today I spent most of my time capturing screen shots, so there's not
> much text.  I'm not especially attached to any of it, so if you want
> to delete, rearrange, or add to it, feel free!
> http://maven.apache.org/continuum/docs/1.2-SNAPSHOT/user_guides/release/index.html
> Olivier, what ever happened to the video captures you did?  I was
> playing with that too today, using Snapz Pro X.
> --
> Wendy

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