I'd like to go ahead and pick up something towards the next Continuum
iteration. I am thinking refactoring ContinuumStore interface as was
earlier discussed on this list and as I did on the 'continuum-jpa'

To this end, I need to get a clear picture on a few items:

1)   Which JPA provider are we going ahead with then?

2)   Criteria vs Named Queries: I am not convinced (yet) that Named
queries are the way to go. I did some digging around, they are indeed
best practices for JPA but I think the decision merits other
consideration(s). I still believe the Criteria Queries will help us
define a cleaner Store interface.

3)   Using Criteria Queries would mean that we use JPA extensions
specific to provider. I don't see this as an issue as long as we are
not expecting underlying JPA providers to be swapped. Thoughts?

Look forward to hear.


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