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            Bug ID: 9771
           Summary: Requires Perl(Unicode::String)
    Classification: Contribs
           Product: SME Contribs
           Version: 9.1
          Hardware: ---
                OS: ---
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: smeserver-mailsorting
          Assignee: supp...@dungog.net
          Reporter: t...@berwyn-136.com
        QA Contact: contribteam@lists.contribs.org

Just done a clean install of SME9.1 from latest iso download. Installed,
restored workstation backups. Tried to reinstall smeserver-mailsorting
0:1.1-4.el6 contrib and got dependency error

Error: Package: perl-Unicode-IMAPUtf7-2.00-7.el6.rf.noarch (smecontribs)
           Requires: perl(Unicode::String) 

I only have standard repositories. No other mods

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