--- Comment #6 from Jean-Philippe Pialasse <> ---
thanks for testing. All test I did waere before making the rpm, using a tgz, we
hit a few bugs because of issue packaging, Thanks for reporting those. 
Seeing your test I have also added few elements to ease the process :

/usr/bin/plague-client build smeserver-centos2sme
smeserver-centos2sme-6_9_1-4_el6_sme contribs9
Package smeserver-centos2sme enqueued.  Job ID: 1840.

* Sat Mar 10 2018 Jean-Philipe Pialasse <> 6.9.1-4.sme
- fix execution permission on /usr/bin/centos2sme [SME: 10535]
- added warning at the begining of script to check for working network
- added warning at end of script to add a SSH key before the reboot
- added full path to signal-event in the last messages

updated with new release version in the
install procedure

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