--- Comment #5 from Jean-Philippe Pialasse <> ---
the NFR I would see to be great : 
- set php to 56 if default is not at list  56
- force https and redirect
- allow to set a http host and if set, remove access using /zm
- set zoneminder and httpd tmepalte to :
-- auth agaisnt http OPT_USE_AUTH = true + AUTH_TYPE = remote + AUTH_RELAY
disabled (or stream will fail)
-- no zm auth but httpd auth
-- no auth at all
-- only httpd auth for admin
-- httpd auth for a list of user
-- httpd auth for a group "zm group"
-- set LANG_DEFAULT depending on system language : fr_fr if fr_* or en_uk if
en_* ....
- set email configs like EMAIL_ADDRESS

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