--- Comment #3 from Jean-Philippe Pialasse <> ---
help us to help you, "Not working even with JPP suggestion." does not give us
any hint on how to help you. Pasting the new output would have been a best way
to get  help faster. We have no access to your screen ;)

one dep is missing : php-opcache provided by  php-pecl-zendopcache in epel

1- install the neede repos:

yum install smeserver-extrarepositories-remi-safe
smeserver-extrarepositories-epel --enablerepo=smedev -y
signal-event yum-modify

2- install the contrib
yum install smeserver-dl --enablerepo=fws,epel -y
signal-event webapps-update
db configuration set UnsavedChanges no

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