--- Comment #4 from Nicola Tiana <> ---
(In reply to Jean-Philippe Pialasse from comment #3)
> Nicola,
> help us to help you, "Not working even with JPP suggestion." does not give
> us any hint on how to help you. Pasting the new output would have been a
> best way to get  help faster. We have no access to your screen ;)
> one dep is missing : php-opcache provided by  php-pecl-zendopcache in epel
> 1- install the neede repos:
> yum install smeserver-extrarepositories-remi-safe
> smeserver-extrarepositories-epel --enablerepo=smedev -y
> signal-event yum-modify
> 2- install the contrib
> yum install smeserver-dl --enablerepo=fws,epel -y
> signal-event webapps-update
> db configuration set UnsavedChanges no

Dear JPP many thanks for your help.

I've performed the installation according to your directions using epel repo
too (actually the standard epel repo was already up).
Installation now went fine; maybe:

signal-event webapps-update
db configuration set UnsavedChanges no

is not enough and I had to perform a signal-event pu+rbt to have dl running

I did this on a clean test server; next I'll perform on customer's server.

Should we consider it a temporary patch (only from install/repos point of view)
Should be considerd also to update existing installations ?
No fear to have many php installed ? :-( (We all hate php ....)

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