--- Comment #5 from Jean-Philippe Pialasse <> ---
(In reply to Nicola Tiana from comment #4)
> Dear JPP many thanks for your help.

my pleasure

> I've performed the installation according to your directions using epel repo
> too (actually the standard epel repo was already up).
> Installation now went fine; maybe:
> signal-event webapps-update
> db configuration set UnsavedChanges no
> is not enough and I had to perform a signal-event pu+rbt to have dl running

then we have to improve this , and check what has not been launch after those

# ll  /etc/e-smith/events/webapps-update/services2adjust/php71-php-fpm 
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 Apr  5 11:56
/etc/e-smith/events/webapps-update/services2adjust/php71-php-fpm -> reload

might rather need a restart ....

or add this to the configuration page

service php-fpm restart
service php56-php-fpm restart
service php7o-php-fpm restart
service php71-php-fpm restart

> I did this on a clean test server; next I'll perform on customer's server.
> Should we consider it a temporary patch (only from install/repos point of
> view) ?

excpet for the service not running accordingly after the simple webapp event,
this should be the new procedure.

> Should be considerd also to update existing installations ?

> No fear to have many php installed ? :-( (We all hate php ....)

I rather have a lot of php packages up to date than an old unmaintained
package. so this is the way to go .

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