--- Comment #9 from John Crisp <> ---
(In reply to Jean-Philippe Pialasse from comment #8)

> nop original code source from PAscal has already qpsmtpd templates

Yup you are right. Too much xl2tpd/ipsec in my brain!

So these are the files that it generates:


Only if SmartHost is set:

This is absolutely correct:

> check_goodrcptto  uses items found in goodrcptto



This plugin denies all recipients except those in the goodrcptto config file 
(i.e. like badrcptto, but whitelisting). It supports recipient username 
extension stripping, and both domain ('') and username (bare
'postmaster') wildcard entries in the config file.

So, that case it should be case of adding a domain and testing. 

Not sure how in the first instance?

Theoretically we should be able to telnet to the server and try to send to that
user@domain and he mx should then try to forward it to the real server??

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