Looking at this wiki: 
I found this section:
Data Change 

Data change notifications can be thought of as continuous queries where the 
query is specified once and instead of returning the matching data immediately, 
the system sends notifications when matching data appear in the data tree. As 
such, data change subscriptions can be customized just like the data queries.

The following types of subscriptions will be supported:
*        Query based on instance identifier
*        Query based on object class (Extend YANG with the notion of an Object 
*        Query based on attribute filters
*        Scoped query based on Object Class
*        Scoped query on attribute filters

Question: Do we need to support the notion of a custom filter where a piece of 
Java code can be supplied by the consumer which will be invoked for every 
matching node during notification and only those nodes which pass the filter 
will be returned.

Which of the mentioned types are already supported? Are there any plans for 
other types?

Guy Sela

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