When saying specific data tree I mean like "inventory data model", "topology 
data model", "netvirt data model", etc.
Am I mistakenly using the term "data tree" instead of "sub tree"? 
Do all of them have a joint root? (YangInstanceIdentifier.EMPTY)?

Will issuing DOMDataReadTransaction.read(YangInstanceIdentifier.EMPTY) provide 
me a snapshot of all?
Sounds like it can't work in a Clustered Data Store, because the reads are not 
from the local replica.

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On 09/18/2016 02:28 PM, Sela, Guy wrote:
> What I mean is to be able to create a snapshot of the entire state and not 
> only a specific data tree.

Do you by 'specific data tree' mean 'specific subtree'?

We do not guarantee consistency across shards, but you can read all shards by 
issuing a DOMDataReadTransaction.read(YangInstanceIdentifier.EMPTY).


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