On 09/21/2016 12:50 PM, Sela, Guy wrote:
> Are there any plans in changing/supporting RxJava API in MD-SAL?
> Chaining multiple ListenableFutures and manipulating data between them
> is a common task in ODL (At least from what I’ve seen in the
> OpenFlow/MD-SAL code), and working with RxJava might be better for these
> types of tasks.

No current plans, as far as I know.

After a very brief survey, this would really mean adopting either
Reactive Streams APIs directly or waiting for JDK9
The other part would be to provide bindings to composition libraries --
akka-streams and rxjava being the obvious ones.

While the concepts are alluring and part of me wants to jump at it
straightaway, I personally think we need to do some house-cleaning
before we embark on this project -- which I think will be far from
trivial (unless integrated on top of current APIs, which may be

The reason for that is that we still have not completed API and user
migration after the MD-SAL split -- which means reasoning about what
breaks whom and how is becoming extremely difficult.

Cleaning up first will provide the benefit of having a very clear
picture of what needs to happen as well as significantly lowering
confusion about what is available and what not.


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