Hello all,

I am working on SDN controllers in OpenStack and I want to connect a VM
launched by Nova to a L3VPN port created in OpenDayLight. I have managed to
connect this port to a VM in nova but how do I tell OpenDayLight that this
port is connected to a VM located on a particular host with id <id>. Do I
just need to update the attributes of that port in OpenDayLight or is there
something else I need to do to configure OpenDayLight i-e attributes of a
port are

        "port": [
                "uuid": "153f734e-396a-4201-b3ab-f16d08140504",
                "tenant-id": "13d103ed-9d4b-4a5c-82bd-e34c68c7c3c5",
                "network-id": "94c796b9-4e59-45e5-ba34-ce9d2c77bfa8",
                "fixed-ips": [
                        "subnet-id": "f877cea0-6ff9-42cf-86f0-afb390f32017",
                        "ip-address": ""
                "neutron-binding:vif-type": "ovs",
                "neutron-binding:vif-details": [
                "neutron-binding:vnic-type": "normal",
                "device-owner": "compute:None",
                "name": "test_port",
                "admin-state-up": true,
                "mac-address": "fa:16:3e:b7:38:25"

Do I just need to add "host_id" and "device_id" in above information or
something more.

And if I am not getting things right guidance would be really appreciable.

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