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Same with this bug as well as for bug 308. The laptop is now my production 
computer so I cant install MDK 9.1 and test, I very much like to help you with 
that but I cant take the risk. This bug has also been reported to cooker as far 
as I remeber. There was some very simular descriptions of this problem posted. 
If I remember rigth the problem was that the mtab(?)was not setup correctly? 
Great that you are doing the job being rid of all the old bugs as well. It will 
be just great if MDK installs on IBM Thinkpads with everything function out of 
the box. 

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MDK 90 RC3  
The USB CD burner seems not to be detected at all. 
Here is output from lspcidrake  
agpgart         : Intel Corporation|440BX/ZX - 82443BX/ZX Host bridge  
[BRIDGE_HOST] (vendor:8086 device:7190)  
unknown         : Intel Corporation|440BX/ZX - 82443BX/ZX AGP bridge  
[BRIDGE_PCI] (vendor:8086 device:7191)  
yenta_socket    : Texas Instruments|PCI1251 PC Card Controller  
[BRIDGE_CARDBUS] (vendor:104c device:ac1d subv:4000 subd:0000)  
yenta_socket    : Texas Instruments|PCI1251 PC Card Controller  
[BRIDGE_CARDBUS] (vendor:104c device:ac1d subv:4800 subd:0000)  
unknown         : IBM|20H2999 PCI Docking Bridge [BRIDGE_PCI] (vendor:1014  
cs46xx          : Cirrus Logic|Cirrus CS4610/1 CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio  
[MULTIMEDIA_AUDIO] (vendor:1013 device:6001 subv:1014 subd:1010)  
unknown         : Intel Corporation|82371AB PIIX4 ISA [BRIDGE_OTHER]  
(vendor:8086 device:7110)  
unknown         : Intel Corporation|82371AB PIIX4 IDE [STORAGE_IDE]  
(vendor:8086 device:7111)  
usb-uhci        : Intel Corporation|82371AB PIIX4 USB [SERIAL_USB]  
(vendor:8086 device:7112)  
sonypi          : Intel Corporation|82371AB PIIX4 ACPI - Bus Master IDE  
Controller [BRIDGE_OTHER] (vendor:8086 device:7113)  
Card:NeoMagic (laptop/notebook): Neomagic Corporation|[MagicGraph 256AV]  
[DISPLAY_VGA] (vendor:10c8 device:0005 subv:1014 subd:00dd)  
eepro100        : Intel Corporation|82559 [Ethernet Pro 100]  
[NETWORK_ETHERNET] (vendor:8086 device:1229 subv:1014 subd:00d8)  
yenta_socket    : Texas Instruments|PCI1250 PC card CardBus Controller  
[BRIDGE_CARDBUS] (vendor:104c device:ac16 subv:9400 subd:0000)  
yenta_socket    : Texas Instruments|PCI1250 PC card CardBus Controller  
[BRIDGE_CARDBUS] (vendor:104c device:ac16 subv:9c00 subd:0000)  
unknown         : Virtual|Hub [] (vendor:0000 device:0000)  
usb-storage     : Shuttle Technology Inc.|CD-RW Devicee [] (vendor:04e6  
MDK 90 RC2  
Still a problem to mount the CD burner, but the setup for the CD burner seems  
more polite. In the HW list in the MDK control center and the CD burne has  
got"scd0" as mounting point. I can See in the cooker mailinglists that there  
seems to be any problem modyfying the fstab so I might experiens the same  
Beta 4 (only first CD installed):  
The CDburner is a EDI/ATA type and uses at Bridge from shuttle tec. See output  
from lspcidrake -v unknown  : Virtual| Hub [] (vendor:0000 device:0000)  
unknown : Shuttle TechnologyInc.|E-USB ATA Bridge [] (vendor:04e6 device:0101)  
I can see the CD burner inMandrakeControl centre with this information: bus:  
SCSI Location on bus:0:0 capacity:burner channel:00 New devfs:scsi/host0/  
bus0/target0/lun0/cd Old device file: /dev/scd0Info:AOPEN CD-RW CDRW4048 lun:  
00 Media class: cdrom Raw_type: CD-rom ANSISCSI revision: 02 The information  
about the CD type and model is correct but it is not a SCSICD burner so  
something seems a litle bit wired here.  
System: IBM Thinkpad 600E, 124Mb, 30GB HD, Docking

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