Brook Humphrey wrote:
> On Thursday 06 February 2003 02:19 pm, Buchan Milne wrote:
>>IMHO, /etc/skel/Maildir belongs in etcskel.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this but on my systems that  Iset up for clients 
> this is exactly how I get maildirs all over the place. It works wonderfully. 
> I even used to have a versoin of the qmail rpm's floating arround that I did 
> that simply included /etc/skel/Maildir in it. 
> For postfix or any other app doing mail it would be just as easy.

Yes, but by the time a new admin has figured it out (think one of our
winbind setups where user accouts are created on-the-fly by samba as
users connect to the server), he may well have thousands of accounts
which are missing a maildir, and he is going to spend the next month
(being an MSCE with no scripting experience) making Maildir's for users
once he implements an IMAP server, and all the users complain about
authentication errors.

Of course, the mail (IMAP) servers should have an option to attempt to
create this directory if necessary (almost like pam_mkhomedir).


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