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Just tested this with MySQL-Max-4.0.10-1mdk and MySQL-4.0.10-1mdk installed and
it works fine for me, so I guess it has been fixed meanwhile:

sudo -H /sbin/service mysql status
mysqld is stopped
mysqld-max (pid 2763) is running...
2762 (pid 2761) is running...
2760 (pid 2759) is running...
2758 (pid 2757) is running...
2756 (pid 2755) is running...
2754 (pid 2753) is running...

I (tried to) set the resolution to fixed, but I am not able to (invalid change
error - probably I am not supposed to try that :-)

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The MySQL-Max package use the initscript of MySQL but the "status" command do 
not test the mysqld-max binary, so: 
If MySQL-Max is installed, the command:  
# service mysql status 
reply each time: "mysqld is stopped" while it should reply "mysqld-max (pid ****) is 

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