> Yes, give some effort. I think you needs to mute the digital output
> jack to get sound. Have a look at the docs at alsa-project.org.
> Please do not use the workaround (ie enabling oss driver) yet, since
> this is cooker and it should be fixed.
> Many things need to be changed with the default mixer settings, but
> I have had still no time to look into it (==modifying draksound to
> do this).
> Thierry, if you have time :-P, this really needs some works. Many
> bug reports stem from this.

yes i know.  this is why i've added a trouble shooting window in
draksound (which maybe should be replaced by an automatic thing that
do all steps)
but, as usual, time is that we all miss

the big problem being that alsa insists on muting everything by
default whereas enabling right switches by default would be a lot
better and reduce the "alsa sucks; oss rulez" messages bag we all have
seen there among the years.

> I think we need the possibility in draksound to run a small script
> depending on the soundcard. For the sblive this script could do the
> following:
> -enable midi on sblive (this might need a gui component to load the
> soundfont)
> -in proc there is a entry called oss_mixer (IIRC not at home now),
> here you can couple alsa wave surround to an OSS mixer entry like
> IGain. Wave surround is volume control of rear speakers.
> -always mute analog output jack
> -find a way to couple wave surround to Master, if this is possible
> (I asked on alsa devel but my message got ignored for list
> acceptence.
> Thierry, I think you are subscribed there??)

yes i am.
strings get associated to devices in alsa drivers and alsa config
files (look at libalsa-data)

Jaroslav Kysela and Takashi Iwai are the two main alsa programmers.

jaroslave, as being the emu10k1 driver author, is it possible to do
danny suggestion by default ?

> -modify some other mixer settings to enable CD sound, capturing etc
> out of the box.
> I am willing to try writing a shell script at least the sblive.
> But my perl is to bad for modifying draksound

we could add something to mandrake_firsttime service script or to
harddrake service to run such a script depending on the sound card on
the firt bootstrapping.

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