On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 19:20:05 +0200
Buchan Milne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Austin Acton wrote:
> > Csound is finished, but license is for non-commercial use only.  Maybe a
> > candidate for PLF?  Also, cecelia is a GUI for it, but doesn't require
> > csound to build against.  Should it go in contribs or PLF as well?
> It should not go in contrib if you can not use it with only packages in
> main and contrib IMHO. One of the reasons prompting the festival
> packaging for contrib was the fact that speaker3 required festival, and
> was already in ... it did not buildrequire festival, but what is the
> point of putting it in only to be of no use  (without PLF, which is not
> on any media shipped by Mandrakesoft, but the contribs are). It would
> just make for more people complaining about broken Mandrake/contrib
> packages.
> Buchan
Which leads to the question of jmax. The only place I can think of is club commercial. 
Maybe the place for csound also.


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