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Quant à moi, le ";2R" apparaît si je suis loggé dans un console virtuel et 
j'arrête à partir de GNOME. Il faut supprimer le ";2R", me délogger, appuyer 
sur l'entrée à deux ou trois reprises. A ce moment-là, le système enfin 
commence à s'arrêter.

Le même sujet sur cooker (je viens de retrouver ce bougue, et voulais y 
rajouter ce dont on a parlé sr la liste).

John Keller wrote:
> guran wrote:
> > In console give Ctrl-Alt-Del =>
> > Broadcast &c
> > The system is going &c
> > INIT: Switching to runlevel:6
> > INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal
> >
> > "the process is halted here and only shows:"
> > ;2R
> > "when I press Enter, I get "
> > -bash: syntax error near unexpected token ';'
> > "write shutdown -r now + Enter => new hang + Enter starts the reboot.
> I get the same thing when I use "shutdown" (either -r or -h) at the
> line (I'm also in UTF-8). I've found that I can backspace over the ";2R"
> hit enter. A new prompt will come up sometimes; other times, I can hit
> several times and it starts up the shutdown process.

Further info: I get this problem as well when I have a session open in a
virtual console and issue a shutdown/restart from GNOME.

I can delete the ";2R", use control-D to logout, hit enter a couple of
times -- and *then* the machine starts shutting down.

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just after the install mandrake 9.1beta3, I run localedrake, and choose "France 
(UTF-8)" (I choose it at the beginning of the install, thanks the "advance" 
button). I see several problem : 
1)During the boot, the messages are not displayed correctly : for example, 
instead of "Amorçage", I see "Amorçage" (seems like the utf-8 message is 
displayed like an ascii message, or an iso-8859-1 message) 
2)In console mode, my french keyboard works perfectly when I'm not still 
logged. But, after logging, I can't use deadkeys and can't type letters like é, 
à or ç for example. (the keyboard seems ok in X) 
3)in the X loggin window, if I try to halt or reboot, I obtain : 
The system is going down for system halt NOW! 
INIT: Switching to runlevel: 0 
INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal 
... and nothing ! I must press enter, and then type manually "halt" or 
P.S : for information, if I'am interested in utf-8, it's because I want to use 
simultenaously french and esperanto, but that's an another story ;)

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