How many blades are included with this one?  I'm not seeing anything in the 
description.  Thanks.


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I use the dice and slice chopper from Blind Mice Mart!

It is awesome!

Dice and Slice Chopper
•Dice and Slice Chopper perfectly dices onions, peppers, celery and
•Clear base container catches cut fruits and vegetables to reduce
counter top messes.
•Evenly slice strawberries, mushrooms or hard boiled eggs.
•Easily cube tomatoes, zucchini and potatoes.
•Base container features printed measurements up to 2 cups or 500 ml.
•Non-skid feet hold base securely in place while in use.
Care: Dishwasher Safe
◾Cleaning: Use cleaning tool to remove food residue from pusher teeth.

◾Encloses Cut Foods to Minimize Mess
◾Hand wash lid for best results.
◾Disassembles for Easy Cleaning
◾All other parts are dishwasher safe.

Caution! Sharp Blades. Use care when operating and washing item to avoid
To Use

1. Remove blades from clear base container. Insert blade
2. Attach lid to base. Make sure lid is fully seated on hinge before
pressing down.
3. Lift tab on blade to remove or blade frame from blades. Snap desired
blade into frame
4. Place food onto blades and push lid down firmly in one swift motion.
Place both hands on lid frame and press firmly into container rim.
when cutting larger pieces. Ease of chopping may vary depending on
freshness and size of fruit or vegetable.
Tip: Cut food down to 2” x 3” for best results.
5. Use cleaning tool to remove food residue from pusher teeth after each
Tip: Keeping pusher teeth clean will prevent lifting of the chopping
insert when opening the lid and will make chopping easier.
6. To remove base container, hold base container down firmly with one
hand. With other hand, lift frame up using finger hole.
  Suggested Retail Price: $31.99
  Mice Price: $28.99
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Have a Mice Day,
Dale Campbell
Cooking in the Dark

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