My folks make sauerkraut from Germany  and they are German. I had asked my mom 
how to make sauerkraut and she had said to get smoked ham hocks. At the time, I 
do not know what smoked ham hocks her. I was living in Louisiana at the time 
and I needed to make a very large pot of  sauerkraut for the Louisiana Center 
for the blind. I went to the store and ask the meet apartment for ham hocks. 
They gave me peppered ham. I put this in the sauerkraut and that was the most 
peppery sauerkraut I’ve ever had. That was a mistake because I was expecting it 
to have a smoky flavor but instead it turned out to be very peppery. But since 
this was in Louisiana, it turned out to be one of the best mistakes I have 
made. Everybody loved the dish. I cannot repeat it since I don’t know what type 
of meat.

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> hello food dude and all listers.
> tonight I made a crazy food mistake.
> I had made vegy soup, and was supposed to add the rice in with the soup.
> earlier today, we had made banana nut bread.
> Know what's comming?
> I thought it was the rice, but no! it was the bread.
> I thought the rice was a little lumpy, so I just stirred it up and heated it 
> in the microwave
> guess what?   it wasn't to bad.
> now, tell us what is the most funniest food mistake you've ever made. thanks
> gail and hank johnson
> P.s.
> we just bought the talking microwave from the food dude, and we think it's as 
> handy as a pocket on a shirt.
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